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Tired of hacking together your documents with Google searches, recommendations, and generic templates?

We’ve got you! Our templates handle all the "what-ifs" of the stationery industry — because let’s be real, things can get messy when it comes to clients and paper.


A contract template for every stationery snafu.

The Custom Stationery Contract template protects you and your clients’ interests and sets up an expectation of professionalism. We’ve combined our previous contracts, as well as years of experience to bring you a contract template that covers your booty and your biz.
Become a put-together pro and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have a contract that is easy to understand and avoids confusing legal jargon.
A great contract is the secret to success in this industry, and

BONUS: this one is affordable too.

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ever wonder

What happens if...

💗 client’s invitations get lost in the mail.

💗 you printed letterpress invitations with the groom’s middle name as E-R-I-C instead of E-R-I-K.

💗 the client keeps asking for more changes with no end in sight.

💗 bride wants to use your artwork for her wedding favors.

💗 it takes weeks for your client to email you, and that mailing date is long gone.

💗 the envelope color you needed is out of stock. 

💗 you want to re-use artwork on a greeting card.

💗 you break your arm while windsurfing in Tahiti.

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ever wonder

What happens if the stationery...

💗 are lost in the mail?

💗 are damaged upon arrival?

💗 are delayed in delivery? 

💗 are returned due to an incorrect address?

💗 are delivered to the wrong recipient?

i need this template

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so what's included?

Payment terms

Have clear guidelines for payment and financial terms with these templates. Never have to worry about this again!

Design Process & Revisions

Make the design process and revisions easier to navigate. 

Production and Logistics

Managing the production and logistics of your client's custom stationery just got easier.


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