Cami and Elisabeth

Playing Catch Up & Announcing our Summer Break

June 28, 2022

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This summer Cami and Elisabeth are swapping their microphones for poolside margaritas and taking a short summer break from the pod. And of course, we couldn’t leave you guys hanging! That’s why today we’re bringing you a sizzling life update and chatting about everything from Cami’s day-to-day as a mom and business owner to Elisabeth’s new business intentions and how she keeps her hobbies separate from her biz! 

Sending y’all lots of love and REST this summer as we take a break! Now, can you pass the floaties? Baby Mia is ready to take a dip! 

Let’s be friends! Find us on Instagram @bizbirthdaybash. 

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This coupon code will be valid from June 28th to July 5th. So that gives you a full week to listen to this episode to take advantage of that coupon code.

Tell us Cami, what has been going on with you lately with taking care of baby Mia and running the shop? What does your everyday balance of life look like?

[7:05] I cannot wait until Mia is down to one nap a day because it’ll make my life so much easier. And oddly enough, it’s so much easier with her being awake to do stuff rather than naps. Because when I’m laying her down several times per day, I have to pause and lay her down for each nap. But yeah, so I mean, it’s just, you know, the usual chaoticness I try to go tothe shop like a couple of times a week, usually in the morning and I take Mia with me and we just party and I do my best work there when she’s awake, actually, cuz I just like, I don’t know, chit chat with her about stuff and like do all the things.

[7:39] As far as projects go, right now I’m working on a Thanksgiving collection because there is just a huge gap in the market where there’s like no Thanksgiving stuff, which maybe means nobody wants it or nobody’s ever done it so I guess we’ll find out if it’s successful later on. 

So tell us too, how everything is currently looking behind the scenes at Cami Monet in terms of like who’s doing what and how often you’re there? 

[10:27] So I have three girls that work for me. I have Julian who is the. The cream, daylight cream. Okay. And American, as we would say, oh, she is like the best. She does all the packaging and shipping and just like everyday tasks of like running everything. Like I literally could not run my business without her Julianne.

I love you so much. She’s just amazing. And we have so much fun and she’s just awesome and is so fast and efficient. Like I can’t even like keep up half the time. So she is really running the game over there. So she’s there pretty much full-time at this point. Doing all the things at this shop. And then I hired my sister-in-law.

We had some staffing changes in the shop. So I hired my sister-in-law and she came in to do wholesale outreach and marketing stuff, as well as just like general shop cleanup, like adding new inventory, going through the inventory, kept making sure they’re right. Checking all the SKUs, counting things, just like all that like backend stuff that kind of just gets bogged down.

So she is working for me as well. Just like in like a virtual assistant slash inventory manager kind of role. And then we have Annie, who is our, just like little Marie condo of the shop who just comes in, cleans up all our messes makes everything so beautiful and so neat. And she is also like our party Pennant ribbon extraordinaire.

So I’ll be like, Annie, I need you to make 500 Pennants today. And she’s like, I love making pennants ribbon tying is my favorite. Oh my gosh. I am so excited to tie these ribbons today. And I was like, that is so great, Annie, because I hate tying ribbon  Annie’s just like a little ray of sunshine, like. To protect her at all costs because she’s just the best.

And she comes in with her little pink drink from Starbucks every day. And she’s very like, Gen Z and I’m like, Annie, is this cool? Or is this not cool? So we always get the, the scoop from Annie on that’s there she’s still one or two days a week. She’s so one day. Okay. So or two. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. She’s not in school right now.

Um, yeah, she’s in co she goes to Ron’s college. I DT know if I’m supposed to be spilling all the details on everybody’s little, sorry.  but she’s in like one or two days a week, just depending on the, on the schedule, but she’s, she’s awesome. I love my little team. We all, everyone does their job so well, so I literally couldn’t do without them.

And then me I’m just. Typically emailing from my phone or doing stuff from the computer and trying from my house and like trying to be the creative director and just, you know, figure out the direction of things. I do all the ordering still because I haven’t really gotten my. Artwork files all organized, which has been kind of something I’ve been trying to work on for like years at this point is to get them all on files.

So someone else could theoretically do the ordering, but at this point it’s like been so much easier for me to just continue that. Cuz I know where things are, you know what I mean?

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