How to Collaborate with Stationers (Licensing, Part 1)

October 26, 2021

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Do you LOVE creating artwork for wedding invitations but LOATHE the back-and-forth that comes along with working directly with clients? If so, today’s episode is for you! Cami and Elisabeth are uncovering what it looks like to collaborate with fellow stationers so that you can just get creative and skip all of the headache that comes along with being in charge of the design element of creating an entire wedding invitation suite. Listen in as they talk about everything from finding collaboration opportunities to pricing and contracts for these kinds of gigs! 

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The best way to find people to collaborate with

  • Build genuine relationships on instagram by following stationers you admire and genuinely interacting with them

  • Referrals from other friends who can’t take a project on (aka be friends with your competition, it will help you more than harm you)

  • Facebook groups. People are always asking for recommendations for artists to partner with. Consider joining the A-Z Directory or find a free facebook group

  • Post your work to instagram with the proper hashtags and make it VERY clear that you are looking to partner with stationers in the wedding industry

  • Add a section to your website that provides more information for stationers who might want to partner with you

Things to think about when partnering with stationers

  • Make their lives as easy as possible so they want to work with you again!

  • Keep in mind how the work is being printed so you can have it prepared in a file in the correct way (I like sending my letterpress friend an image traced vectorized version AND an non vectorized version if she wants to use her own presets for it)

  • Keep loose expectations for how the final product will turn out. You aren’t the designer so there might be some edits that are made and you should be okay with that. 

  • Decide whether or not you want to use a contract. Cami does and Elisabeth does not! 

Pricing – What do you charge for something like this?

  • I helped design a full map at one point with a bunch of illustrations and points of interest. All line drawings and I think I charged $500 for it. Individual illustrations and spot calligraphy usually start between $100-$150 but I would never charge less than $100 for what I’m providing to another stationer. 

Should I expect to receive photos of my work back?

  • You might never see the final product.If you do get some sort of photos or credit it’s kind of a bonus. 

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