How to Get into Stationery Trends or Another Magazine

July 27, 2021

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Curious to learn how to get featured in stationery trends or other paper goods magazines? If you answered yes, you’re in luck! Today, Cami is chatting about her recent features in Stationery Trends, Southern Living, and Hooray Magazine. Listen in to hear about how she did it. After listening, you’ll walk away from this episode ready to craft a stellar pitch that stands out and gets you featured! 

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  1. Do your research

    1. Do they already have a submission form? Stationery Trends has a submission form so it’s really easy to submit every quarter

    2. What are the sections of the mag where your product would be a good fit?

    3. Who is the editor you should be contacting? You can look at the masthead to find the right person. A lot of times this will be the marketing editor or the accessories editor, buying editor, etc. Online gift guides would be the digital editor.

  1. Keep it short

If you’re reaching out directly to editors, your intro email needs to basically be an elevator speech. You can expand on your story in the next correspondence if they ask for more! Another tip is to put a SMALL photo directly in the email, nothing they need to download or anything that is one of those super large images that stretch the inbox all weird. You know what I’m talking about.

Crafting a Stellar Pitch Email

  • Keep it short and sweet. Like 10 sentences.

  • Address the editor by name.

  • Introduce yourself and your brand in a sentence or two.

  • Explain how your product is a good fit for the editor’s magazine or blog. If they’ve featured something similar in the past, mention that! It’ll help spark interest.

  • Include acall to action to trigger the editor to respond to you. This could be a question or a personal note.

  1. Photos, photos, photos

Having amazing lifestyle images is great, but a lot of these magazines will look for isolated product images with a white background too! These makes it easy for them to use it for product collages, etc. 

  1. Be prepared to move FAST.

In publishing, time is of the essence, so you’ll definitely increase your chances if you are super quick to respond which leads to…

  1. Sending samples

The quicker the better! Offer to send samples ASAP, and get them there as fast as possible.

  1. Know the timing. Magazines are working about 6-8 months in advance so don’t start pitching Christmas in November. For example, right now Stationery Trends is looking for Valentines, Easter and St. Pat’s stuff!

Bonus tip: it never hurts to tag or use a hashtag of a magazine on social. You never know who’s watching!

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