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How we Use Dubsado as Stationers

October 27, 2020

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Stationers! Are you ready to up-level your client experience? If so, you don’t want to miss this episode! Today, Cami and I are giving you an inside look at how we use Dubsado to make our client experience absolutely seamless. Listen in as we talk you through our step-by-step process for setting up things like forms, workflows, and other CRM goodies that allow us to save time and build lasting relationships with our stationery clients. 

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What do our Dubsado workflows include?

Here’s a general overview of what we include in our Dubsado workflows. We’ll get into this in more detail later on in the episode. 

  1. Lead Capture Form

  2. Proposals & Contracts 

  3. Invoices 

  4. Misc. Forms & Questionnaires 

How do we use Dubsado for Proofs & Design Rounds?

Cami (55:00)

All my proofs go through Dubsado along with all of my design rounds. It makes it so beautiful and easy for your clients to be able to look at their suite and say, Hey, on this, I don’t like this or change the wording on this. And it makes it easy for you to because you’re able to have all your feedback in one place.

And then also one of the great, great, great features that they added was the ability to copy a form within someone’s job. So within the proof, like after you send the first proof and they fill it out, you can just hit copy. And then you can change all the photos with the new ones for their second proof. So it makes it very, very easy to just kind of like fill in the blanks as you go.


Yeah, that’s basically what I do is like, once I get my first design round form into the clients like portal, I just copy iterations of that, basically, and just change it as needed. And just so y’all know, who are listening, we do all of our things like mock ups and editing and whatnot, and Photoshop and Illustrator, export those as JPEGs, which we then pull into the dubsado forms. So for those of you who are like, “How does this work??” And your mind is like breaking, it’s a lot easier than you think. 

What’s so great about Dubsado’s Client Portal?

Cami (1:00:00)

In Dubsado, there is a feature called the portal, which is like your client facing portal where all of your proofs, invoices, and proposals live. So it’s kind of like the happy little home where all the little all the forms live, and clients can see it all at once at a glance. 

More on Workflows

Here’s an example of a workflow you might set up in Dubsado.

Step 1: Send client contract 

Step 2: Add tag “wedding invitation client” after contract is signed

Step 3: Change project status to current after contract is signed.

Step 4: Send welcome email 10 hours after contract is signed

Step 5: Create a to do “send welcome gift” 3 days after previous actions completed

Elisabeth (1:07:32)

Cami and I both do this kind of automated workflow basically. We know that we could manually do it, but If you can have dubsado do it for you and save so much time, Why not?. 

And I know of people who have built entire, like follow-up workflows as well. So this works particularly well, I think, not necessarily for Stationers but other industries, like photography, like people who are trying to book a family session or something that maybe doesn’t have a specific date. 

I heard a speech from a gentleman who wanted to talk about his whole entire follow up workflow, that it was like a weekly email that was sent out to the lead, asking them like, have you thought about it? Here’s my calendar, if you want to book like, and he said that he’s able to get so much business because of this it’s like seven weeks of follow-up emails or something. So there’s all sorts of amazing ways to use workflows. 

Rapidfire! What are our top 3 favorite things about Dubsado?

Cami’s 3 Dubsado Favs:

  1. Photo Uploader (in forms)

  2. The Community around the platform — Their FB group, customer service, etc. 

  3. The flexibility of the platform

Elisabeth’s 3 Dubsado Favs:

  1. The way it integrates with other platforms (like Google Calendar for instance) 

  2. Workflows & automation

  3. The ability to incorporate multiple contracts into one job

When you sign up for Dubsado, don’t forget you can use code BIZBIRTHDAYBASH for 20% off your first month or year!

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