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The Biz Bash Podcast

November 13, 2018

hi there, We are biz birthday bash
We’re on a mission to help creatives like you — ambitious artists, calligraphers and stationers — get on the right path (and stay there!) so you can celebrate your biz birthday too.
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The idea for The Biz Bash Podcast has been around for, well, a while! We have been talking about it for more than a year now, but it was tucked away and continuously shelved as we asked ourselves questions like, how does this fit in with our business model? and how do we continue to generate good & helpful content for free while balancing our paid content as well? and what if I sneeze really loud into the mic?

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After asking ourselves every single question under the sun, debating back and forth (let’s be honest, we don’t really debate, but we do talk on the phone for hours every week…er, day), we decided what the heck, let’s do it!

Ok, our decision wasn’t that nonchalant. The decision to do it actually included a lot of conversations with phrases like “I’m scared” or “I’m nervous” or “what do you mean the mic isn’t supposed to be tilted towards my face?!”

We have been researching podcasting as best as possible, trying to get ourselves prepared for what is to come and delivering the greatest possible listening/learning experience for you! Creating & running a podcast is no small feat! And we really had to dig into why we are doing it for it to benefit our business and keep us on track.

We know there a countless podcasts dedicated towards creative entrepreneurship, but we are taking this a step further and making it industry-specific. (After all, there are challenges and questions no one else would really understand. And we totally get that!) We want to create a resource for our fellow paper artists (stationers, calligraphers, artists, designers and makers) that will teach ya a thing or two when it comes to running a profitable and personality-driven creative biz. We hope to spark conversations in the industry and offer honest-to-goodness advice — you know, the stuff you can’t find on Google.

Here’s our current plan: we will be releasing bi-weekly episodes while we test this whole thing out and get it up & running. We want to have a really good grip on our schedule, the pacing for our show, editing, publishing coordinating blog posts for shows notes, etc. before upping the frequency of releasing new episodes. The last thing we want to do is dive in, burn ourselves out, and have to call it off.

Besides, we keep reminding ourselves that two weeks flies by in the blink of an eye, so each new episode will be dropped before you even realize that much time has gone by.

We will be “batching” our episodes, which means we will record a bunch at a time, because this helps us balance our rigorous schedules for our individual businesses with Biz Birthday Bash. We will also be recording mini episodes every 6 weeks called “Q & Cake” which is basically the CUTEST name ever for a question & answer episode.

We’ve known all along that we want to keep our audience engaged and in love with our podcast content; what better way to do that than getting all of you involved? Information on how to submit questions for our “Q & Cake” episodes will be released at a later time, so stay tuned.

We will leave you with this: you can expect to find The Biz Bash Podcast live & published on several platforms come January 2019. An official date is still being determined, but get connected on our Instagram to get all the launch day deets. We are SO pumped for this new way we can serve you, and we will see you in your headphones soon!

Cami & Elisabeth

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