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Summer Recap! What Have We Been Up To?

September 8, 2020

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And we’re back! After an eventful yet restorative summer break, Cami and I are excited to be back with you guys on the podcast. Now, we know y’all might be curious about what we were up to during our small hiatus, so Today we’re chatting about the changes that took place in our businesses. Plus, we’re opening up about the personal highs and lows we experienced.

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Summer Break Business Recap – Cami 

Cami 3:30

Okay, well this summer I feel like I have just been on like a chaotic roller coaster.,I just feel like I’ve been on like a roller coaster like a very exciting one of me just like screaming and being so excited and having the best time with like new products ideas and figuring out some new things coming but I literally like can’t get off this roller coaster and I’m driving myself insane but I’m having a really good time. So I kind of feel like this summer has been a little bit like a ‘One a day in May’ resurgence but I’m calling it ‘Another in the Summer’ for myself. So, I’m just getting products out there. And so I really feel like I’ve been building my product shop a ton this summer, just having so many ideas because I feel like Christmas is just going to be massive this year. And I feel like I’ve just held onto that thought and been like, I need to focus on gifts gifts and more gifts. And so that’s been like my entire driving force this summer, which is both good and bad. I’ve been like very one track mind.

But at the same time, I felt like haven’t felt very energized or inspired for client work. So it’s been definitely a struggle with balancing the wedding invitation side of things because I’ve just been like, “oh, but I want to do this instead!” And so I literally would start doing my own designs instead of working on a client and I’m like crap,I feel like I’m starting to realize things if you know what I’m saying? So it’s been way more difficult with clients this summer for me.

Elisabeth 5:05 

Are you gonna say what you wrote? 

Cami 5:10

So,  guys, I know I’ve kind of like hinted at this, but I really might be completely phasing out invitations after this year. I feel like I’m gonna fall out of my chair, even just saying that because I love I love doing them. But I’m so scared. But I also, you know, just have a gut feeling I’m like this is I feel like this is where I’m my heart lying. And I’ve had a really great run with them. But I’m just not sure if it’s the direction I want to keep going. And just based on like, my mental health of like, energized and like the way I feel, I’m like, Ooh, this, this does feel more, right. And so maybe I’ll just actually listen and trust your gut. You know, we always talk about trusting your gut. And there was a time this summer where I didn’t trust my gut, and now it’s hitting me in the face, but we’ll talk about that more later. 

Summer Break Business Recap – Elisabeth

Elisabeth 10:35

I guess I would say but I have been excited that I have found more of a groove with Thank you society recently anyways, because things for Eliza and are just really, really slow. That’s okay because my one of my fall clients pushed off to October 2021.

I still have a client getting married in November this year in Cabo. They’re still planning on moving forward currently, but obviously, like anything could change at any moment. So our invitations have been done for a long time. And now it’s all about the day of items. So I’ve just kind of been sitting on some projects so I started getting a little more clever too, with all of the products I’m introducing for Thank you society. And I even made an Etsy shop for Thank you society, which is so funny because I’ve always been the one I feel like for a long time, I was like Etsy, bla bla bla, like, I didn’t really see the value in it. And then I was like, You know what, if I can have my stuff in one more place on the internet, why wouldn’t I do it? It’s almost just a way because I’m also using Etsy ads. So it’s almost a way to just get my name out there build some credibility for my shop, because even if at the end of the day I end up being about even with like, the products I sell, and the ads, I’m selling and I’m still building some sort of like recognition and credibility for the time being while I kind of just figure things out, so I’m not trying to make it like crazy profitable or anything like that right now, but it’s nice for me to know that if I want to have a way out of weddings, I could but I look at my beautiful website like every day and I’m like, I can’t just set aside Eliza and just because 2020 it was a giant crap show.

I was like, I built something so beautiful. And I’m willing to kind of like to wait that out to get something.going again.

But I did have a wedding inquiry finally for the first time in like, forever. I don’t know how it’s going for all you guys out there but it’s been relatively slow on the inquiry front for me. I will just come out and straight up say it. But I think like 2021 people are starting to finally kind of feel okay with proceeding with weddings that are happening in like the spring and early summer. So I did sit down with him and had a good conversation on the phone and felt really confident and good about it. I was like, Oh, this like, feels good to be talking about this again. So that was kind of a nice reassurance for me that I didn’t like, dread it or hate it right? Because that would be like a bad sign. 

Cami 13:10

Yeah, I definitely think the inquiries are making a comeback like I really do. For 2021. I got five this week for 2021. I was like it’s happening. So I don’t feel like you should be discouraged. 

Elisbaeth 13:15

Yeah, it’s coming back. So that’s good news. Yeah. And then hopefully trying to circle back to some like wedding planners and people I was networking with at the beginning of the year, just to get in touch with them again to see how things are going. But I sent them the quote in the proposal and because they wanted a quantity of like 260 invitations, we all know how that turns out the quote is like freaking ginormous and of course it was like almost double of what they had put on the budget form and so I’m in the process of still trying to follow up with them to see if they want to talk and to learn ways that we could cut back on it or something like that.

But I don’t know, it’s just an interesting season of course and quotes and proposals are already hard, regardless, like separated from, you know, everything that happened with COVID this year and just everything that’s going on in life right now for so many different people. But that’s a little bit about my business update. So they’re not too crazy or anything like that. I just needed the mental space this summer. I was like, not doing very well. Like, I feel a lot better now in August compared to how I felt in June.

Personal Updates – Cami

Cami 15:10

Personally I don’t have like any major updates like, you know just been chillin and grillin with the hubs at home having a good time but honestly like I feel like we’ve had such a fun summer like Alex and I like our marriage has been so good and we’ve had just like a really fun time like it’s just been fun, even though life sucks around us but we’ve had fun so that’s always good. And then just like with this whole everything happening I feel like this summer has been like really realigning my faith and just like trusting God more and more completely so I’ve definitely appreciated that aspect like that’s obviously a huge silver lining in, you know, today’s crappy culture, but it’s been good for me. And then just taking care of Kenny, our little foster cat we still have him, and People always ask for updates. I haven’t posted him on Instagram a long time, but he’s still here and he has a bigger pen now he doubled his real estate space because basically our entire front of our house is a pen for Kenny. So he can have more room to exercise and walk around. And it’s pretty sad that having a bigger cat crate is one of my personal updates. But you know what I was really excited about.

Personal Updates – Elisabeth

Elisabeth 19:12

So, onto the big news. And all of you all are gonna be like “it’s not even that big.” 

Cami 19:15 

Now that you’ve made it so awkward. No you haven’t been awkward, you just built up to it a lot. 


Every time I’m like I have an announcement. Everyone thinks I’m gonna say that I’m pregnant. No, guys, I’m not pregnant. I’m still a couple years out from that, I hope. Okay, so things have been nuts this year that goes without saying we’ve said that a lot this episode. But as I was like, reflecting on where I was, especially in June, just in regards to like my overall mental health, how I was feeling about things in life where I was in my business, I basically got to the point where like, Will and I had a pretty good conversation to just about like the state of my mental health. 

And at the end of the day, like when you don’t have enough going on sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs and like sitting around doesn’t do good for anybody especially does not do good for me because I like being like, I don’t know, engaged with something going on in my life. Like, I would not consider myself a workaholic by any means. But I like having things go on to like, fill my day, right so that you kind of like feel like something’s happening in your life. 

Well, I kind of got to this position where I told Well, I was like, I think I’m going to start applying for jobs. Like I want to have something part time during the week just to help balance out a season of craziness or a season of kind of almost like quiet I guess I would say it just was feeling really quiet for me. I know that hasn’t been the case for everybody. It has not been the case for Cammy partly because I feel like, Cami, you just keep coming up with things to make and do. 

Cami 21:00

Yes I do. I’m just incredibly stubborn.

Elisabeth 21:06

Yeah so like you had even put a really funny note on the document about how you feel like you have this never ending to do list for no reason because you’ve like made work for yourself per se but in a good way like I don’t think you should be hard on yourself about that. 

Yeah, but guys okay I got a job at Publix. It is freakin right around the corner from my apartment so I drive a whopping like a minute and a half or two minutes to get there. And I just needed something to do like I’ve already said I just needed something else to do. So that I need to stop feeling like such a crazy person during the week. So obviously I’m still working on Eliza and on his birthday bash on Thank you society as time permits, but I am also working at Publix. So

This has kind of been like a really nice brain refresher for me because it’s nice going in somewhere and like being told what to do. 

And if you had asked me before, if I would have felt that way five years ago, I would have probably laughed in your face and would have been like, heck no.Because last time I worked for somebody, I absolutely hated it. And so I don’t know if it’s something that’s different about the Publix environment, or that there’s just so many people there filtering in and out or just that it’s a quick paced work environment. And then when you go home, you’re home. You don’t have to think about anything or talk to anybody. No one’s trying to like contact you for any additional stuff like ever. And so it’s kind of been like my saving grace the past month. So basically, like this week that we’re recording this. So like the third week ish of August, something like that, about to be the third week of August. It’s been a month of working at Publix or something like that, but I really like it. 

So I look like a nerd in the Publix outfit, Like for those of you that shop at Publix and you know the cashiering outfits like the white t-shirt and the green vest? That is me now. And I’m just like, I’m just having fun. I’m just trying to enjoy it and I know that this is it. Something that’s like a forever season in my life. I know it’s something that’s temporary. But it is like it feels good and it especially has felt good just like interacting with other people.And it’s nice for Will too, because when I’m working the house is a little more quiet because he’s still working from home. And then when I come back, I can just kind of relax or do other things and then I actually feel excited to be home rather than feeling like I’m stuck here all the time, you know? 

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