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Is Making Money a Good Enough Purpose? – feat. Kristen Boss of Becoming Boss

September 1, 2020

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Unsure about whether your business is truly in alignment with your purpose? If so, you’re in for a treat today! Kristen Boss is coming on the show to unpack what it really means to bring purpose into your business so that you can succeed and find joy without burning out. Plus, she’s diving into money mindset and explaining why financial goals are not enough to keep you moving forward in business for the long-haul. 

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Things Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Real Artists Don’t Starve 

Money a Love Story 

What’s the difference between someone’s ‘why’ and their ‘purpose?’

Kristen 3:37

So this is really big in the entrepreneurial world in the social selling world where they say, you know, have a strong Why have you know, it starts with why Simon Sinek even says it starts with why. But when I typically ask people, what their Why is they say like, well, I want time freedom. I want more choices. I want an A my own hours, I want to retire my husband

from my nine to five, I want to leave my corporate job, I want to remodel a

house, I want to move, I want to travel, those are all really great things. But where I challenge people, I say that’s not a, that’s not a y. That’s an outcome. And honestly, when we set out for business, we can have outcomes. But the problem is, is I work with a lot of people that reach those outcomes. And then what happens is they have an identity crisis. They end up saying, Okay, I’m here, but why? Am I really doing what I love doing? When it becomes chasing the outcome, the goal, money, they get to a place where they’re starting to question is this what I really love is this deeply fulfilling for me. And it’s very easy to get into burnout mode, hyper productivity workaholic, because you’re so outcome forced rather than the process and rather than operating from your purpose. So your why it can’t be outcome driven and needs to actually be from your purpose. And your purpose is what kind of keeps you in the game for the long run. Because let’s say if you start with an outcome, if that’s your why, and you’re not reaching that outcome, or that goal quickly, that’s where we tend to check out and we start to doubt ourselves and not enjoy our business or start to feel like maybe we’re not cut out from this. However, if you’re operating from purpose, and that’s something your purpose is what brings you joy, what naturally energizes you what fills your cup, it’s something that you would do for free purposes, your contribution to the world and meeting a problem that needs to be solved. But it’s a problem you love solving. That’s what you do for free. So if you bring purpose into your business, what you would do for free, it makes it so much more enjoyable, and it makes you more resilient and the good and the bad times. So operating from purpose is a far more sustainable and joyful way of running business.

Is making money a strong enough purpose?

Elisabeth 10:05

Mm hmm. I’m gonna go ahead and jump in with like, the big question is making money a good enough purpose for someone?

Kristen 10:15

No. I mean, I’m an enneagram three and we’re known for being extremely money driven like productivity and go getters and all those things but money is empty at the end of the day when you do not feel joy or purpose or a sense of purpose in your work. And I know this because these are the people that hire me to work with them. They are those six figure earners that are making phenomenal money and they’re asking themselves Is this it? What now what next because they haven’t operated from purpose. So I believe when you are deeply operating from purpose when you’re setting out to bless and serve people from your purpose, you get paid when you solve someone’s problem. They thank you by giving you money. And so I believe the more you operate in your purpose in service of others and to impact people, well, money takes care of itself.

Elisabeth 11:15

Perfect. Yeah, that definitely helps kind of set that boundary in my mind of what that looks like. And I’m really happy to say that I feel like kV and I, the way that we run this bash just gives me so much joy and purpose in my life. Because what we do a lot of what we do Christian is helping other creatives in this field. So the biggest thing we have actually, is our membership. And that has been so fun because not only do people get access to all of these resources, but they actually get to hop into the Facebook group with us and when I get to be in the Facebook group with people and answering questions and interacting with them, like our followers, our members and see How it helps them It gives me so much joy and like the money that they paid to be there. You’re right it does kind of feel like this extra friendly gift of like, here you go here’s an extra gift that just like makes everything better.

Kristen 12:15

Exactly it’s what you have so much joy again it’s what you would probably be talking about anyways.

How does someone determine their purpose? 

Cami 7:42

What are some, like strategic ways you can help uncover your purpose or just like have some clarity on what that looks like for yourself?

Kristen 7:49

Yeah, so I tell people to kind of get a sheet of paper draw a line down the middle and on one side have like this energizes me this fills my cup and then on the other Like this drains me, this empty is my cup, and really getting clear about what invigorates you. And also do some evaluation, look at some patterns in your life and ask yourself, what have I been the go to girl for? when people call me? What are they asking of me? Because this is something this is how the world or people who know you perceive you to be a problem solver in some area. And the truth is, we all have huge blind spots around the things we’re naturally good at. Because we assume it comes so naturally to us, we don’t realize how helpful that is to others. And so it would help if you call family friends, somewhat people who know you well and say, hey, what am I good at? And what problem like if I was the go to girl for something, what would it be? And then when they answer that, ask yourself, does that Fill my cup? Does that energize me? And that’s likely your purpose is somewhere in there.

Is it possible to have a successful business without serving your purpose?

Kristen 13:37

I think there’s a couple things there I would say, What does successful mean? Who’s defining success? If it’s, you know, making a lot of money? The answer is yes, you can have a successful business without serving from your purpose. Can you have a joyful business that you feel genuinely excited for each day? Without your purpose? I don’t think so. And this is where business owners This is, you can be successful, but eventually you will hit burnout, eventually it will, you will start to resent the business you created because it was never really created from that purposeful place. So, yes, you can have success, but at the end of the day, it’s not going to feel as meaningful or as rewarding to you.

You do a lot of work around money mindset. Can you give our listeners your top 3 tips to discovering their hidden money drama (that can potentially hold them back from living out their purpose)?

Kristen 25:30

So the three tips to really discover your hidden money drama is one, I think the biggest one is how do you view debt? Do you view it as being shameful? Do you have negative feelings around it? Are you neutral around it? Do you assign permanence? Or do you see it as temporary? Do you see it as a necessity? Or do you see it as a problem? Like how you view debt is a huge indicator of what your beliefs are around money? 

And then another one is how do you view investment? Do you believe that you have to save money to make money? Do you need to have money to make money? Those are huge barriers that you could have around your belief that really are keeping you small and stuck and not getting through that, that ceiling that you’ve been at in your business for a while, because you have this belief of, well, I don’t have any money. So therefore, this is where I’m at. 

And then another one is how do you receive money? Like when you have Who are you in lack? like who are you when things are tight? And who are you when things are in abundance? So if you have a great month, are you hoarding your money? Because you’re fearful? Are you spending all of your money at once are you throwing it in savings and terrified to invest back into your business because those all say things about your money beliefs, if you’re hoarding it, then you have this belief that it’s not coming back that this is a you just got lucky this time or if you spend it all There’s that goes down to a belief about your worthiness around your money. 

And I tell people, if you don’t have a healthy mindset about money, when you make a lot of money, if you have not seen wealth and money as like a positive, healthy, good thing, you are going to self sabotage your way to a place of at an income or a bank account level that you feel deserving of. So if you don’t feel deserving worthy, or any of those things around money, then you’re going to even if you have a great month, you’re going to sabotage it all. So if you believe that you are only worthy of five k a month income, and you have a 10 k month, you’re gonna go blow five k on something, because your brain doesn’t know how to process the abundance and and work with that in a healthy way. 

So just asking those three questions, Who am I in lack? Who am I in abundance and how do I view debt? What are my feelings around money?

You went from struggling in your business to $30k months: What made the difference?

Kristen 32:33

I really had to sit with the identity of somebody that makes 20k or 30k per month. And I asked myself on a daily basis before money ever showed up in the account is what would that version of myself do? How would she talk about her business? How would she talk about her service? How would she treat her clients and I showed up every day as if that was the money I was making. And instead of showing up for the paycheck, you want, not the paycheck you have so Really just got very clear on like, if I was making 20 k 30 k a month, how would I think and feel about the situation? Oh, I wouldn’t put any more time or energy there because I put my energy elsewhere. Oh, I wouldn’t get all caught up in this or Oh, I would speak about this and show up in this way. So it was really about my being. So that informed my doing.

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